Best GP Low Price Internet Offer 2021

GP Low Price Internet Offer.

Hello friends, today I will talk to you about some of Grameenphone’s internet offers that you must use. You can use any of the offers from here because most of the offers I have given here are applicable to almost everyone. You need to see the following steps to take offers. I have shown you the system or process of activating an account with a code number that you can easily activate on your phone by looking at it. So, friends, you must not miss the offers of Grameenphone, so take a look at all the code number offers below. You can easily activate your phone with more internet for less money i.e. low price internet offer. 

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GP Best Internet Package

To get GP 512MB internet offer at Tk 28 for three days you need to dial- 

Activation Dial – *121*3256#

Data check- *121*4#


GP 1GB 512MB with another 512MB forge speed for three days at Tk 38 to activate this internet offer For this you need to dial.

Activation Dial – *121*3366 #

Data check- *121*4 #

GP Low Price Internet Pack

 GP 1 GB 3 days internet offer at Rs 40. To activate this offer on your phone you need to dial and even check the data as it will be given below.

Activation Dial – *121*3399 #

Data check- *121*4 #


 GP2 decimal 5 GB i.e. 2GB you can use and 512 you have the opportunity to use Forge Speed ​​This is the maximum you can use three days or if it ends three days ago If so, you will not be able to use the reading. 57 Taka.

Activation Dial –  *121 * 3242 #

Data check- * 121*4 #


GP Free Internet

 we can see that it is GP 3 and a half GB i.e. you get 3GB you can use 2G 3G speed with 512mb 4G speed it will be up to 3 days maximum You have to spend 69 rupees with another code to do this.

Activation Dial – *121*3282 #

Data check- *121*4 #


 Then we will talk about the party. It will be 700 rupees valid for seven days 1 GB internet offer by dialing it You will be given a code to check the balance along with the activation code.

Activation Dial – *121*3056 #

Data check- *121*4 #


 After this, we have another excellent offer. You can take the internet offer for 98 rupees for seven days with only 2. There is a GB code number which you can activate on your phone by dialing. Of course, I will tell you that you have to have 99 rupees.

Activation Dial – *121*3322 #

Data check- *121*4 #

Internet Offer 2020

I have another offer of GP SIM for only 114 rupees. You are getting 4GB with five GB internet for seven days You can run at 2G speeds and even 3G speeds and the remaining 1 GB you get the opportunity to use at full speed at 4G speeds. The activation code of the stomach will be given below and how to check the balance is also given.

Activation Dial – *121*3244 #

Data check- *121*4 #


 Then we will share with you another offer which you will not have to share. You can use the internet offer for only Tk 148. You will get an 8 GB internet package. Get the opportunity to use it with Forge Speed. Or you need to use 3g speed. It has an activation code and a balance checking system. GP Low Price Internet.

Activation Dial – *121*3262 #

Data check- *121*4 #

New MB Offer

I would like to share with you Grameenphone Internet Package 198 This is a very good internet offer for those who do too much but I tell them what this offer is. Here you are getting Grameenphone’s 12 GB internet offer where you can use 2 GB. You can get 10 GB with me on Forge Speed ​​where you have to steal or use 3G speed. Only one hundred and ninety-eight rupees for seven days. You have to dial below to activate your phone. You have to have 198 rupees on your phone. Leave one or two rupees more so that your phone never has a problem.

Activation Dial – *121*3133 #

Data check- *121*4 #


So friends stay with us to get this kind of offer. Talk to the next article. Stay well. 

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