Facebook video autoplay option Off – You don’t know

Facebook video autoplay

Hi friends, how are you all today? I will share with you a trick on Facebook that will make you see some videos in front of you when you go to or view the news feeds on your Facebook that will automatically run out of data on your phone. Here’s how to put one together for use with your phone. which will reduce data on your phone and even allow you to use the Internet for longer. but your data packages won’t run out. 

Facebook video autoplay option Off

 One of the best options for those who can’t maintain the internet is today’s obsession with this article. Anyway. today I will share with you some of the settings on Facebook that you must do in your Facebook ID so that you will be benefited in such a way that when your phone data will be exhausted again will not feel any kind of annoyance while watching your news feed because There will be no automatic video play on your phone during your news feed. which means you can turn off autoplay videos very easily.


 To do this you must go to your Facebook app. you must open your Facebook app. or for those who want to do the settings on Facebook from a computer. not on mobile. you must go to facebook.com and you will see that there is something to search for. However. for how to do it in the settings. you will go directly to Facebook. After coming to Facebook. you will go to Facebook. You will see that by clicking on the button. click on the settings. After clicking on Settings you will be taken to the page by clicking on Settings and Privacy then you will see the school down and a new option is coming in front of you called Autoplay. You can turn off AutoPlay from there and turn off AutoPlay from


this option. Let me tell you how to do that by clicking on your autoplay option. There are three options. The first one is there so that you can turn off autoplay videos completely. The second job is that you don’t have any internet connection when you use WiFi only. You can use the autoplay option if you have WiFi while you are using the WiFi. 


Then everything option is that everything you do not use wifi or data packages when you use the internet. both of you will autoplay. now you are running from here. which tie you will use or which one you will not use or which one wifi must. Of course it’s your responsibility to select any one of you then watch your magic. When you read it. you will see that there will be no audio-video in your news feed automatically. only you can play well. 

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