How to Change Nagad Account PIN 2021

How to Change Nagad Account PIN 2021?

Friends currently have a Nagad account in mobile banking but we all do it as it is free to open a Nagad account at home with some information through an account or app. It is a very simple matter from how to open a bKash account if I forget the PIN. I have even mentioned that there is a post like this on our site the link is given below-


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However, how to catch if you have a Nagad account if you forget the PIN number of the Nagad account even if you repeatedly set the PIN in the Nagad account. Missed many times that you do not know how to do it. However, in today’s article, I will show you how to change the PIN of the Nagad account to a new PIN can also be shown to the system to recover the PIN. But before I tell you what causes your Nagad account PIN to be locked or forgotten.


Nagad Account Pin Change-


The first reason why our print is locked or we do not want to get into the Nagad account is that when you make a wrong PIN number repeatedly in the Nagad account if you give the wrong number a maximum of three times or give the PIN number then the Nagadh blocks you directly. Will do it again for 6 hours a lot of times again all you have to do is call their service center and verify with the number that is the ID number of your ID card but for this most of the NID card which is our voter ID card ID In addition to your exact address with the card number the owner must tell the owner all the information.


Nagad Mobile Banking

 Here I want to tell the owner that if you open an account in your name like Honor then you must have an ID card in this account. You have opened an account. You have to verify your NID card and tell them the exact same NID card number. What will they do? They will verify the PIN immediately. If you don’t want to take it from here but you don’t have the option to change your PIN you need to send a request here. If you ever need to change it I would say that changing the Nagad account PIN means setting up your PIN anew. Given that a lot of the time we just lock the PIN or have a PIN problem or we can get into the account that does not change anything like that.


New PIN set up

A lot of times we have a lot of people who change regularly who do a lot of transactions and set up 3 in front of people and sometimes a lot of people look at how they change from side to side and sometimes they change the PIN from time to time. However, it is better to change it from time to time and your account will be more. Besides, no one else will be able to transfer the balance from your account but I think it is a very good system. I will search for you to always change your PIN so that your PIN number will be remembered and no one else will be able to take money from your account.


Changing the PIN is very good for keeping the account secure which will be a little difficult for you to see but you will remember if it is the correct PIN I think you will not give any print which means every number is the same or simple a number 3 4 digit numbers you ever Do not use it as it is possible to take your PIN number more than anyone else. 


Nagad Account Security


You need to ask how to make a change. You can go directly to your phone’s dial pad. You can go there by dialing. Again if you want to go through the app you can go directly to your app. If you remember your PIN number in it you can. If you have forgotten it you will not be able to set it down or if you do not sit down you will see below that you will see the Forgot PIN number click on it enter it I am telling you the tasks that you have to do.

So friends will then see in front of you that you will ask for an OTP code how to give it or where to get it. You have to call customer care, send it to your phone for your verification, or send your account number then a message will be sent to your SIM. The message will come. You have to put it here. Pray. Then you have to go to your dial pad. After going to the dial pad you have to dial * 167 #. After dialing you will see the option that will come in front of you. From the number 6, you can see my Nagad option. Type 6 in the box and send. Then the option that comes with you is to ask to change the PIN to number three.

Nagad Banking Apps

 You must select the three numbers by clicking 3 from there. That is you will get three changes from your keyboard then you will have to change the PIN number from the option that will come in front of you but here is another key point where you can give the current PIN number. The PIN number will call your office to find out how to enter the PIN number as well as the system of how you will reset the PIN after giving the PIN number but it will tell you so you can change it very easily.


So friends today’s episode was very good until we brought it to the next article.

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