How to Identify if Your Phone Is an Original or Fake

How do I know if my Samsung IMEI is real? How do I check if my IMEI number is real? How can I tell if my Samsung is original or refurbished? How do you check if the phone is not original? How can I know Samsung original display? What is the best IMEI checker?
how to check if samsung phone is original using imei

Before buying a phone, check if your phone is original or fake. Friends, there are many of us who buy the phone of our choice without researching the phone well before buying the phone. Later he can understand whether the phone is real or fake. But when buying, don’t even think about it. In today’s article I will try to explain to you how to check when buying your phone whether your phone is real or fake. Usually you can check the phone with IMEI code before buying. 

How to check original phone by imei number?

However, before buying, you should not check it at home, but at the time of purchase, you should check it at the store. This will ensure that your phone is 100 percent original. However, there are many who have bought the phone. How will they check it sitting at home that the phone is not original or fake. 

 In today’s post I will try to tell you step-by-step what is the way to recognize genuine phones?

Usually this is completely different for those of us who buy an official phone. Because all the officials of the country are 100 percent genuine and original. But the problem is the unofficial phone. For all types of unofficial phones, all brands of unofficial phones often have different problems. That’s when we remember that we should check whether our phone is real or fake. 

So let’s find out how to check if your phone is genuine with IMEI code – 

  1. first dial * #06# on the phone’s dial pad, 
  2. now your phone’s 15 digit IMEI code will come. 
  3. Save or copy the IMEI code to a note. 

Or, you can check the IMEI code by going to the About option of your phone. 

IMEI Check:

  1. Now click on this link-
  2. Now a check IMEI box will appear in front of you. 
  3. Enter the 15 digit IMEI code of your saved phone in this box.
  4. Click the Last Check IMEI button. 

An interface will appear in front of you immediately. If you see that it looks successful here then think that your phone is original as well as you will see all the information of your phone below. Match all the information with your phone to see if it is OK. All in all, you can be sure that your phone is real or fake. Also if your phone is fake then it will not look successful. And if you think your phone is 100 percent original, it will look successful.

 If your phone is official. Then you will not need to check it. Because all official phones are 100% genuine. 

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