How to Increase Battery Life on Android Mobile 2021

Increase Battery Life on Android Mobile 2021.

Turn off the flight mode of the phone

Friends today I will tell you how to increase the battery backup of the phone you have to follow a few things but not increase the battery backup of your phone to increase the battery backup of the phone you need to follow some criteria or some rules that if you use your phone then your phone battery will never run out. This way you can increase the battery backup of your phone. You will also have a lot of fun using your phone. You can use it for a long time. Many times if you follow these things. Many people can keep battery backup for a week. I will share with you the options that you need to maintain the questions in today’s article.

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Phone’s default battery saver mode on

Increase Battery Life

Friends. we who use it as we wish. keep the GPS of the phone thick. keep the internet data of the phone on. keep the unnecessary things on. such as keeping the airplane mode off. Different types of live wallpapers to use Different apps that use the app on your phone are just gorgeous colors. The colorful look of the phone is pretty much the look of the phone themes to change your Play Store heavy apps to install in addition to your phone’s cache data. delete not or will not

There are a lot of problems on your phone that you don’t even know or you don’t know how to solve. so you can do it with this in mind. so friends. I hope you will try to understand me as if you are using your phone in this way. Let’s not talk too much.


Do not use Live Wallpaper 

Increase Battery Life

Never let your battery charge be zero percent This is your first secret method Many people do what we do on our phone until the charge is not reached We keep using the phone in reverse so that when our mind comes then the temperature will rise and now you When you do. you may be harmed in other ways. but I would say never let it happen. When you reach ten. 20% of your notifications are notified that your phone’s battery is low. You can turn it off or you have another option. The option that they now have on the phone is that the brightness of your phone will go down. There are even some options like night mode or power button which will tell you to turn it off or turn it on.

then you have to turn it off or turn it on. What do you do when the battery runs out of charge as soon as your phone is charged as much as possible but you have a good minute if you do not have it on your phone when it is very low? I will not work on the phone when it is gone. your phone will be damaged. but you will not be able to use your phone. 


Never your phone battery be zero percent Do not use 


First, we discussed that we will not allow the battery to be zero percent charged as it may damage our phone. Now we will discuss. Dude. it is forbidden to charge 100%. If your phone does not mean so well. but your phone does not have any such technology in the phone. Automatically stop charging after 100% charge. but you can have a lot of this set. but when the company does not provide such technology on your phone.

But your problem will be in one place. it left your phone charged at three o’clock at night. You woke up at eight o’clock when it was full. but you will have a problem. your phone will charge extra. your phone will be damaged at that moment. but your extra charge. your phone cannot be forgotten. so you must keep an eye on your phone.


Battery saving software or app


Friends. This time I am talking about turning off the flight mode of the phone. If you turn off the flash of the phone. your phone but the company network will be out of everything. then your phone will save a lot of battery. then your phone will run out of battery. But there are times when we don’t need to talk to us or we need to run the internet. then we turn on the lights of the phone at that moment but your phone charges more then the phone has to spend a lot more charge which causes your flight mode to turn off. If you do not take this four extra over the phone. then your phone will be charged more.


Reduce the brightness of the phone display Keep the


Many of us use some battery saver apps from the play store. Is it when you go to work and consume the battery but you don’t understand why it works? You know it is very good for you but it saves your phone. The reason why the phone gets hot is when you use it reversely but some of the rules are invalid because you don’t know if the activity is going to end quickly then you may not know yet but it may be a problem but it is a real thing. I will always recommend refraining from battery saver apps at any time.

Try to use the default battery clean battery saver of mobile. Nothing other than battery saver on mobile but it will not work and if it is an app. it is a little different. At times. however. try to use Google’s products because Google has authentication products. 


So friends. at today’s stage. how many will be in the next article. then I will try to teach you something more. Stay well and stay with us.

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