Turn Off Annoying Notifications on Facebook

Turn Off Facebook Notifications
Turn Off Annoying Notifications on Facebook

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope everyone is much better. Today I will talk to you about how to turn off notifications from Facebook ID. It may be some notifications or annoying notifications to you unnecessarily. Notifications that may seem annoying to you but you want them to stop. But you have no idea how to stop. Nowadays, there are various notifications coming from different places on Facebook which we are not ready to see.

Turn Off Annoying Notifications on Facebook

Maybe it’s a celebrity coming live or a wish notification for an event or birthday. The notifications that we don’t need are the annoying notifications we get almost all the time. We can turn it off very easily if we want. So here’s how to put an end to annoying notifications. For that you will go directly to your Facebook ID. 


Now click on the three lines from the top. Then scroll down to see that there is an option called Settings and Privacy. Click on Settings and Privacy. Now you will have another option called U Time on Facebook. You have to click on that option again. Then you can see how it will come in front of you now. There are only four options in that interface. Option 4 provides notification control. Make sure you’re in the right place. Now click on Notification Control. 

Or you can click on the “See Settings” below it. Now you have another option in front of you is the notification settings.

Turn Off Notifications on Fb

 You can enter those options by clicking on the notification settings. Now you can see that you have the option to turn off many notifications. Notifications that you can turn off from here include Comments, Tags, Reminders, More Active, Updates From, Friends Updates, Friend Requests, People You May No, Birthdays, Groups, Videos, Events, Pages, Page U Follow, Marketplace And other notification settings. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true adventure comes in!


So friends, stay well until today.

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